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JSONUtil Issue: unvared variables

Name: unvared variables
ID: 13
Project: JSONUtil
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Benjamin Baumgartner
Created: 06/03/14 6:52 AM
Updated: 06/03/14 9:16 AM
Description: The function "deserializeFromJSON" includes an unvared variable named "pos", also the function "writeJsonUtf8String" uses an unvared variable named "hex". Both should be declared at top of the function as local variable.

This may cause failures in thread safety of the JSONUtil component, if the object is stored in an persistent scope (e.g. application).
History: Created by BaumgartnerB (Benjamin Baumgartner) : 06/03/14 6:52 AM

Updated by nmische (Nathan Mische) : 06/03/14 7:13 AM

Updated by nmische (Nathan Mische) : 06/03/14 9:16 AM
Fixed in 1.5. Thanks!

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